Enhance the appearance of your salon or spa with a unique and glamorous epoxy floor


Experience the transformation of your salon or spa with a stunning new epoxy floor!

Transform the look of your salon or spa with a new epoxy floor. Tired of a dull, dirty, or stained floor? At Concrete Shield Coatings, we have a solution that will enhance the style, glamour, and functionality of your space.

Our innovative concrete floor coating systems allow you to refresh your flooring without the hassle of a completely new concrete installation. With years of experience, our experts can help you choose the perfect finish to complement your salon or spa's interior. Not only will it elevate the beauty of your space, but it will also provide exceptional durability and protection against wear and tear, slips, and falls.

Don't let a worn-out floor hold your salon back. Invest in our top-of-the-line commercial salon floor coatings and give your space a much-needed makeover.

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Transform Your Salon or Spa with Customizable Epoxy Floor Coatings

Discover the perfect flooring for your salon or spa that effortlessly complements the interior while offering a low-maintenance surface and protection for your clients. Our extensive selection of floor coating systems will give your concrete floor a pristine, high-gloss finish. Plus, you'll enjoy exceptional durability without sacrificing style. Take advantage of the following benefits with our top-notch floor coating services:

  • image-discription Get up and running in no time! Our quick installation ensures your business can keep running smoothly with minimal interruptions.
  • image-discription Safe, stunning floor surface that is water and slip-resistant.
  • image-discription Effortless upkeep and cleanliness. Achieve a spotless floor with just a simple mop to eliminate hair clippings and other debris.
  • image-discription Versatile, comfortable, and safe.
  • image-discription Customize your design, color, and style to fit your needs, preferences, and budget
  • image-discription Satisfaction guaranteed: our promise to you
  • image-discription Make the most of your investment with new, beautiful salon floors

Transform your spa with new epoxy floor

Experience the next level of luxury with our epoxy floors. Elevate your spa, impress your clients, and indulge in a pristine and inviting atmosphere.

Create a luxurious spa experience for your customers with stunning locker and changing room floors. Our aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-maintain floor coating system creates a welcoming and relaxing ambiance. Not only does it look beautiful, but it also ensures a hygienic and slip-resistant floor. Your clients can confidently walk barefoot, knowing they are in a clean and germ-free environment.

Upgrade your salon or spa with a high-performing floor coating system. Our premium quality options enhance the aesthetics and durability of your facility, while also making maintenance a breeze. Transform your space into a clean and classy haven.


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