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Reliable Concrete Floor Coating Company

Concrete Shield Coatings Inc. is the go-to company for anyone looking to enhance the durability and appearance of their concrete floors. With a range of industry-leading epoxy and polyurea coatings, we offer high-quality solutions that protect surfaces against wear and tear, staining, and chemical damage. As a premier concrete floor coating company in Chicago, Concrete Shield Coatings Inc. has earned a reputation for providing exceptional service and results. Whether you need a protective coating for a residential garage or a commercial parking lot, we can help you achieve a durable and long-lasting surface that looks great.

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Our Services

fresh epoxy coat on garage floor

Upgrade your garage floor with durable polyurea or epoxy coating - the ultimate solution for concrete protection and aesthetics. These coatings create a robust layer that can withstand heavy traffic, oil spills, extreme temperatures, and more. Plus, they come in various colors and styles to personalize your garage. Epoxy coatings provide superior protection against wear and tear and make cleaning up spills a breeze, safeguarding your floor from damage.

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basement floor coating

Got an ugly basement floor? We've got the answer. Say goodbye to cracked, stained, or chipped basement floors with Concrete Shield Coatings. Our quick and low-maintenance solutions will breathe new life into your space. Transform your old flooring into something remarkable with our wide range of concrete floor coating options. Revamp your space today and experience transformation firsthand! We install low-VOC metallic and solid epoxy floors that are durable and look stunning.

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epoxy coatings for concrete patio

Is your patio starting to show its age with cracks and wear? Give it a stunning makeover with our high-performance concrete coating. Our coating is resistant to stains, cracks, and slips and rejuvenates your patio with a vibrant, fresh appearance. Our skilled installers are fully equipped to deliver a swift and precise installation, ensuring professional results. Become one of the hundreds of homeowners who have transformed their spaces with our exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

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Pool Deck Decorative Coatings

Don't let a worn-out, faded pool deck compromise the safety and aesthetics of your outdoor space. Over time, concrete surfaces can become unsightly, with cracks and slippery spots posing a risk to you and your family. At Concrete Shield Coatings, we offer ElastiDeck pool deck coatings that enhance the beauty of your outdoor area and provide the durability and safety you need.

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commercial concrete coating solutions

Commercial floors endure heavy foot traffic, making them susceptible to damage over time. This can diminish their aesthetic appeal and longevity. But fear not! Concrete Shield Coatings offers top-notch solutions to protect and enhance your commercial flooring. Our team boasts extensive expertise installing high-quality epoxy floor coating systems for various commercial spaces, including offices, warehouses, and industrial facilities.

Why Choose Concrete Shield Coatings

excellent value

Excellent Value

Experience quality without the steep price tag at Concrete Shield Coatings.

strong and durable

Exceptional Strength and Durability

Epoxy and polyurea concrete coatings are known for their exceptional adhesion. Once they transform into a solid state, they become incredibly strong and long lasting.

custom colors and designs

Customized Services

We offer customizable coatings that perfectly match your design, style, and color choices. Choose different flake colors, solid epoxy colors, or metallic finishes.

very strong finishes

Safe, Chemical, Abrasion, and Impact Resistant

Our coating systems provide long-lasting and flawless finishes that are safe, resistant to chemicals, impacts, and abrasion. You can enjoy a seamless and perfect coating for years to come.

honest service

Dependable and Honest

At Concrete Shield Coatings, you can count on reliable and trustworthy services that prioritize both quality and integrity.

fast instalation

Fast Application

Our polyurea concrete coats can be installed and ready to use in one day, so you can enjoy your upgraded space without any hassle!

attention to customer service

Exceptional Customer Service

We are here to guide and support you every step of the way, from start to finish and beyond

garage floor polyurea coating
storage unit polyurea coating

Our Latest Projects

Check out our portfolio featuring our latest concrete coating projects completed in Chicagoland area.

Chicago, IL, 60618, US

Polyurea basecoat, vinyl flakes with polyaspartic top coat for durability. The best option for garage floors.


Polyurea/Flake System

Flake Color:




polyurea garage floor

Elgin, IL, 60120, US

Commercial garage floor epoxy/flake system with polyaspartic topcoat. Durable, impact, and chemical resistant concrete coat.


Epoxy/Flake System

Flake Color:




commercial space coating project

Deerfield, IL, 60015, US

Small garage coating project in Deerfield, IL: polyurea , gravel flakes, and polyaspartic top coat for UV resistance.


Polyurea/Flake System

Flake Color:




deerfield garage coating project

Barrington, IL, 60010, US

Epoxy floor coating systems are a preferred choice for garages due to their protective properties and ability to enhance the overall appearance of concrete floors.

Epoxy Floor:

Adapt to temperature changes

epoxy garage floors are very strong

Naperville, IL, 60565, US

Polyurethane and polyaspartic coatings are considered excellent choices for concrete surfaces due to their resistance to chemicals and abrasion.


Chemicals, abrasion, and UV-resistant

polyurea coatings can be used to coat parking garages and warehouses

Hinsdale, IL, 60521, US

Epoxy floor coating systems are a popular choice for garages due to their protective properties and ability to enhance the appearance of concrete floors

Epoxy Coatings:

Offer Low-maintenance

polyurea concrete coatings

Libertyville, IL, 60048, US

For concrete resurfacing, common concrete coating types include polyurea, epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, and paint coatings

Best Coating System:

Depends on the surface being coated

epoxy vs polyurea

St. Charles, IL, 60174, US

Epoxy concrete floor coatings are known for their durability and resistance to chemicals, making them an ideal choice for industrial and commercial settings.

Commercial Aplications:

Epoxy coatings are considered best

polyurea one day concrete coating system

Lincolnwood, IL, 60712, US

With a wide variety of colors and patterns available, epoxy coatings can be tailored to create aesthetically pleasing and functional flooring solutions.

Epoxy Coatings:

Improves the look of your concrete floors

basement floor coated with metallic epoxy

Happy Customers, 5-Star Google Rating

A happy customer is what we strive for on every concrete coating job. After all, a beautiful, durable concrete coating can transform any space, and we are here to ensure that transformation is nothing short of spectacular.

Garage floor coating project
Chicago, IL

"We hired this company for an epoxy coating job on our garage floor, and we couldn't be happier with the results. The team was professional, efficient, and highly skilled. Our old, stained concrete now looks like a showroom floor! We're thrilled with our 'new' concrete and highly recommend their services."

bob dytan
quote sign

Outdoor patio concrete coating job
Northbrook, IL

"We had our patio area treated with their epoxy coatings, and the transformation is nothing short of spectacular. The surface is smooth, glossy, and just as we envisioned. The workmanship and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of the project. We will definitely recommend this company to others."

peggy kozakowski
quote sign

High performance epoxy coatings
West Chicago, IL

"We used their epoxy coatings for our warehouse floor and the result is fantastic. The team was proficient, delivering excellent service and a high-performance coating that stands up to heavy traffic. Despite our initial worries about dull spots or rough surfaces, the finish is consistently shiny and smooth. A great investment!"

radgesh putramiajan

Professional and Efficient Service
Evanston, IL

"The professionalism and efficiency of this company are unparalleled. They transformed our old, worn-out concrete floor into a beautiful, durable surface with their epoxy coatings. The team was polite, kept us informed throughout the process, and delivered a result that exceeded our expectations. We couldn't ask for more!"

laura sraka
review quote

Exceptional Epoxy Coatings, basement floor coating project
Naperville, IL

"Working with this company was a breeze. From getting a quote to the actual installation, everything went smoothly. The team was professional, polite, and incredibly skilled. Their coatings transformed our worn-out concrete into a beautiful, durable surface. We would definitely recommend this company."

bob dytan
review quote
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epoxy coated outdoor patio

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